Indonesia’s Internet Banking Insight

The ultimate purpose of doing banking on the internet, may it be from desktop stations, laptop computers or on mobile devices; is to get a convenient way of performing it at anytime and anywhere.  But when we take a closer look on the consumers’ insights based on their experiences, they say about eight major things.

First, the speed and easiness in accessing the site, then second is easiness and speed in registering for the internet banking service itself.  These two major things are the key factors of desire when doing banking on internet. After they logged in, how the bank serves the customer with completeness of features in doing payment on various bills and purchases such as electricity, phone bills, top up phone vouchers etc. sit as the third element that achieves the customer’s main purpose of not being in a long queue at a physical bank outlet. The completeness of informational inquiries such as balances, history of transactions, charges, interests are the fourth elements to help customer manage their finances. These four elements give a complete reason for a customer to do internet banking.

Beside those four elements, when new customer or regular customer wants to do something new out of their regular transactions, help menu with its accessibility, informational structure and understandability in helping customer to achieve their purpose becomes fifth important element. Notification on server maintenance with approximate recovery time is the sixth important element, so customer can expect when they are able to do the transaction.

Just like the airline industry which is rated by negative factors (i.e., when there is nothing bad happened means everything are secured), Customer embarking with his/her first time experience on internet banking are based on reference of nothing bad has happened to other customers, and as long as no bad things happened, the business is done. Security as a hygiene factor for any financial services has been presumed as something that should be there, and it sits as the seventh important element. Last but not least is the look and feel in graphical user interface with its friendliness take the last position of important element that makes the customer feel appreciated.

Those eight important elements were surveyed quantitatively by Swa Magazine in July 2012, with the following result: CIMB Niaga 7.78, Mandiri 7.77, BCA 7.71, BRI 7.71 and BNI 7.62. Those rating points show that internet banking in Indonesia has reached international industrial standard.

We would like to congratulate our clients, CIMB Niaga and BRI for this excellent achievement.